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  • Dongyang Maige Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The company was founded in 1992 (the former Dongyang Zhenxing magnetic equipment factory), located in Hengdian Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province. It specializes in the production of permanent ferrite and NdFeB magnets, with an annual output of 5000 tons. The products are widely used in automobile repair tools, teaching toys, animal husbandry, cattle magnetic, mineral processing machinery, glass eraser, leather buckle, sound horn, motor instrument, magnetic sensor and other fields. Dongyang City tax more than one million enterprises, the government special award enterprises. At present, the company's products have been exported to the European and American markets and gained good reputation. Welcome new and old customers patronage, common development.

    quality Guarantee01

    Excellent corporate strength to create perfect quality products for you

    After-sales service02

    Perfect after-sales team service, we will wholeheartedly solve the problem for you

    Network Direct Supply03

    All products are directly sold by the factory, welcome to call and negotiate cooperation

    member service04

    Long-term cooperation with multiple logistics companies, priority delivery and faster delivery

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    Click to enter 1688 shop

    Multiple patent certificates——Witness the strength of Meg Electronics

    Production equipment

    The company has introduced advanced production equipment and testing equipment at home and abroad to achieve high-tech, high-quality and high-efficiency production of products.

    Production equipment

    Production equipment

    Production equipment

    Production equipment

    Production equipment

    News center

    Welcome to follow our company’s news

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